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Domestic business remains stable in 2020 I Megatrend health provides business opportunities I Moderate outlook for 2021
Domestic demand stable despite Corona I Manufacturers focus on digitization I Decline in sales expected for 2021

Building valves industry remains on course for recovery
The recovery in the business of German manufacturers of building fittings that began in the summer months of June and July continued in November. Domestic sales rose by a strong 22 percent in November. At the same time, foreign sales only remained at the previous year's level. Overall, sales in November thus rose by 11 percent.
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Industrial valves industry lurches through the crisis
After four bad months, November did not bring any significant improvement for the business of German manufacturers of industrial valves. At the same time, volatility seems to be increasing. Domestic business contracted again by 7 per cent. Foreign business, on the other hand, increased by 5 per cent compared with the same period last year. Business in the euro zone improved by 6 per cent. However, it does not look like there will be a sustained turnaround. Overall, sales in November thus remain at the previous year's level.
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Construction industry

PwC study: Only one in five construction companies is seriously affected by the pandemic. There is a greater need to catch up on the issue of digitisation. Although the majority of construction companies see opportunities for digital solutions, there is often a lack of suitable know-how in the companies.
Return to pre-crisis level only after 2023 / Differences in the markets
The Corona pandemic has not stopped at the previously booming construction industry. Although global growth is slowing down considerably. Nevertheless, individual markets or segments offer prospects, as the current gtai country reports show.
Short-term slowdown due to corona crisis feared. However, Deutsche Bank believes that the market will generally continue to grow until 2022 due to the high demand. A major slump is not expected until later.

Global gas market in shock after corona crisis
A sector that has been spoiled by success will have to reckon with losses. In future, growth will only take place in emerging markets (IEA Gas Report 2020).
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Global chemical industry defies corona crisis
After a sharp drop in demand in the spring, the outlook is brightening again in many countries.
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Global Energy Review 2020
The impact of the COVID 19 crisis on global energy demand and CO2 emissions
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The drinking water supply is still inadequate in many parts of Uzbekistan. The need for investment in the expansion of the drinking water supply is correspondingly high. Thanks to the inflow of foreign funding, things could now be looking up. This also holds opportunities for German suppliers of the relevant technology.
The new major project Vostok Oil could give a strong boost to Russia's economic performance. In addition to the construction industry and logistics, the shipbuilding sector will benefit.
The agricultural and food industries are developing with the help of green biotechnology. A research park as well as international cooperations are planned.
The US construction industry plunged into crisis in 2020. Residential construction has already bottomed out, civil engineering will follow by the end of the year. However, both could collapse again in 2021. Mau are the prospects for commercial construction.
Ankara wants to stimulate demand in the real estate sector with low interest rates. Extensive investments in earthquake protection are required. A major urban rehabilitation programme is to provide relief here. In addition, social housing construction could receive a new boost.
Although demand has decreased in some areas, pulp and paper production in Russia is currently growing. Investment projects are being implemented as planned, opening up supply opportunities for German plant engineering companies.
By 2029, six large wind power sites will be built in the Dutch North Sea. Most of these have not yet been put out to tender.
California is already the undisputed market leader for alternative fuels and has set itself ambitious targets for the spread of zero-emission vehicles: By 2025, 1.5 million zero-emission vehicles should be on the state's roads. By 2030, there should be 5 million.
Until 2030, about 50,000 hydrogen cars could be registered in the Czech Republic, according to the government's plan. But so far there are none, because the charging infrastructure is missing. This will change in 2021.
Online trading and over-the-counter medicines will receive an additional boost. The market has good long-term growth potential.
The Polish chemical industry already produces abundant hydrogen. Numerous new projects are also starting up in the country, and the first green hydrogen projects are also underway.
The Greek construction industry has suffered enormously from the economic crisis from 2008 to 2019. Not only was the public investment programme cut back, but there was also a lack of liquidity. Despite Corona, some projects are currently being launched. These include a major project at the port of Piraeus and several hotel projects.
Spain is one of the countries in Europe most affected by the pandemic. The construction industry is not leaving it cold either. Between January and the end of May 2020, the number of new building permits fell by 25 percent. Nevertheless, there are interesting long-term prospects.
The corona pandemic has also left its mark on Japan's chemical industry. Demand from the automotive industry in particular is shrinking. The outlook is correspondingly subdued. Nevertheless, there are also individual crisis profiteers.
In the future, more drugs and medical products are to be manufactured in Uzbekistan. The first pharmaceutical cluster in the country, the Tashkent Pharma Park, will be built around the capital Tashkent.
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