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Strong growth in domestic business I Trend topics hygiene and digitalization I Cautiously optimistic for 2021
Strong domestic business I Diversification proves to be an advantage I Slight decline in sales expected for 2021

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Automated and networked warehouses
Launch event of the new "DigitisationNetwork Valves"
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Building valves: foreign business clouds the start of the year
In Germany, the year started almost as positively for building valves as it had ended. Foreign business, on the other hand, declined again in January.
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Industrial valves have a subdued start to the new year
After a turbulent previous year due to Corona, the start of the year was only positive for the industry to a limited extent. At the moment, only the domestic market is showing signs of improvement.
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Construction industry

Purchase prices for condominiums in Germany's largest cities will continue to rise until the end of 2021. This is the conclusion of the immowelt forecast for major cities with more than 500,000 inhabitants.
For a recent study, the Stiftung für Zukunftsfragen (Foundation for Future Issues) asked 3,000 German citizens about their housing preferences. The result: More and more people want affordable living space in the countryside.
A recent study shows that sanitary, heating and air-conditioning installers do not have much to say to end consumers when it comes to choosing sanitary products. Especially when it comes to bathroom renovation, customers rely on the Internet.
The demand in the German residential market is unbroken. The trend towards home offices is even boosting demand somewhat. Thus, the prices for houses and apartments have increased further by almost 8 percent in the third quarter of 2020.
A recent study entitled "Corona - and then?" by Dr. Wieselhuber & Partner (W&P) suggests that in the construction supply industry, both manufacturers and retailers came through the Corona year in good shape. In 2020, construction suppliers saw themselves as less affected by the Corona pandemic than they were by the 2009 financial crisis.
PwC study: Only one in five construction companies is seriously affected by the pandemic. There is a greater need to catch up on the issue of digitisation.
EUROCONSTRUCT forecasts return to pre-crisis levels only after 2023 I Differences in the markets

Sales I These are the most important goals in 2021
Acquiring new customers is the top priority for companies in Germany in 2021. That's what 70 percent of sales employees say as part of the sales study by management consultancy HubSpot.
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Global chemical industry defies corona crisis
After a sharp drop in demand in the spring, the outlook is brightening again in many countries.
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McKinsey analysis: demand for oil to peak in 2029
The demand for fossil fuels will decline in just a few years. With this result, the study "Global Energy Perspective 2021" confirms statements made by BP last year.
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Excellent conditions for renewable energies and the resulting low electricity prices ensure a high potential for the production, export and local use of green hydrogen in Chile.
Turkmenistan plans to continue the strategic expansion of its chemical industry over the next few years. A total of around ten billion US dollars is to be invested.
The oil and gas sector in Nigeria was under heavy pressure during the Corona crisis. Nevertheless, there has been some movement in the sector recently. The government wants to invest in gas infrastructure.
In terms of capacity and equipment, the USA ranks third in the world behind China and Brazil. A current AHK target market analysis USA provides detailed information on the market.
2020 has posed significant problems for the Israeli construction industry, but has not shaken it in its basic structure. Even before the Corona crisis, there was a large housing shortage.
The weak economy and, most recently, the Corona crisis have taken their toll on the construction industry in South Africa in recent times. Despite the high demand for new construction and modernization, construction investments have been declining for years. Hopes are now pinned on an upswing this year supported by government financial injections.
The Russian dairy industry is a stable sector even in uncertain times. Many companies are investing in the expansion of production and processing capacities.
The chemical industry in India is also feeling the effects of the Corona crisis. In the long term, however, the outlook remains good. The Indian government believes in the growth potential of the industry and is supporting investments.
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