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Nachhaltig denken und lenken
Kein Tag vergeht mehr, an dem Unternehmen nicht auf ihr ökologisches und soziales Engagement hinweisen. Das Thema Nachhaltigkeit ist auch im Maschinenbau längst angekommen und hat in vielen Unternehmen seinen exponierten Platz.
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Interview with member companies

Valve manufacturer LESER supplies safety valves for the Ariane 6 mission

With TELL, the European radiator thermostatic valve industry is responding to the justified interest of consumers in information and orientation aids for a conscious purchase decision and responsible use of energy and the environment.
Consumers' environmental awareness has risen steadily in recent decades. Today, products in the field of building technology are increasingly evaluated under the aspects of "energy efficiency" and "conservation of resources". The European sanitary fittings industry is meeting this challenge and has developed the WELL classification system.
An effective measure to save energy and money.
The responsible use of water is one of the most important goals of our time worldwide. The German sanitary industry is aware of this and offers a wide range of technical solutions that meet this objective and the demands of a sustainable orientation.
In the past, turnover and profit were the decisive criteria for evaluating a company. In the meantime, financial data alone is no longer sufficient for investors to invest or consumers to buy products. Social and ecological factors are also becoming increasingly important when evaluating a company and its products.
Branded fittings help against regional water shortages I WELL label as a guarantee for water-saving fittings

How's it going?
Water. A little hand movement - and there it is: for drinking, cooking, brushing your teeth or washing. We are used to the fact that it flows out of the tap everywhere in drinking water quality.

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