SHK Essen 2020 - Brand manufacturers present themselves
Under the motto "THE HOTSPOT FOR SHK PROFESSIONALS" the sanitary, heating and air-conditioning technology sector will meet at the SHK in Essen from 10 to 13 March 2020.
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Where does our drinking water come from? How is drinking water use distributed in Germany? What about the quality of our drinking water? These and many other questions are answered by the information portal It informs about all facets of our most important life resource.
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The German sanitary industry shows its colours
Under the joint title "Blue Responsibility", renowned brand manufacturers provide information about products that document their special competence in the field of sustainable sanitary solutions.
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Multimedia Report "Drinking Water

How's it going?
Water. A little hand movement - and there it is: for drinking, cooking, brushing your teeth or washing. We are used to the fact that it flows out of the tap everywhere in drinking water quality.

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Short interviews on SHK Essen 2020

Digital change is also changing the traditional market logic

We are concerned about the shortage of skilled workers

How will we manage to get young people excited about a fantastic craft again?

Our germ cell was an innovation

Building fittings - brands deliver more
Intelligent leakage protection, hygienic flushing and excellent materials. Brand manufacturers set standards in the industry with their products.
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Sanitary Valves - Brands deliver more
Innovation, quality, comfort and responsibility. Brand manufacturers set trends and provide orientation in the evolution of the industry. What this means in concrete terms is described in a video by the trade association.
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Isabella Treser
Isabella Treser
Public relations, international trade fairs and exhibitions, Blue Responsibility, "Sustainability of industrial valves" initiative
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The new Messe Essen
The modernization of the Essen fairgrounds has been completed. Exhibitors will thus find more optimal conditions for successful participation in the fair.