KTW assessment basis: Implementation and proof of conformity under discussion
Federal Ministry of Health holds out the prospect of transitional arrangements
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Corona times do not require new technical regulations for valves
"The corona virus has arrived at the order intake," states Wolfgang Burchard, Managing Director of the VDMA Fachverband Armaturen. After the majority of companies still achieved positive sales in the first quarter of 2020 and benefited from well-filled order books, the outlook is becoming increasingly gloomy as a result of the collapse of central sales markets.
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DVGW CERT suspends audits and inspections until 31.07.2020
DVGW CERT GmbH has announced that all audits and inspections will be suspended until July 31, 2020. This also applies to certifications and initial inspections according to the UBA assessment principles.
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Amendment of TA Luft - VDMA advocates
The TA Luft (Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control) is an administrative regulation for the Federal Immission Control Act. It contains, among other things, calculation regulations for essential air pollutants for plants subject to approval. Even old plants must be brought up to date within certain transition periods and reduce the emission of pollutants.
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VDMA underpins demand for manageable solution for the industry
Discussions on approval application continue
The European Chemicals Agency ECHA is currently working on the establishment of a database with information on substances of very high concern (SVHCs) in articles.
Still no authorisation requirement


"European drinking water quality in Germany - or German drinking water quality in Europe"


Building Information Modeling

Municipalities often face the problem that it is not always known exactly where the different pipes under the roads are installed. Although construction plans do exist, it cannot be guaranteed that they were adhered to during the installation work or that the plans were interpreted correctly. In construction and repair projects, this can lead to construction companies accidentally hitting pipes and causing unnecessary damage.
The team from the Chair of Computer Science in Civil Engineering at the Ruhr University Bonn is researching smart applications in buildings. Intelligent glasses, i.e. smart glasses, could support the fitter in the maintenance of the building technology in the future.
Position paper covering all associations supports the guideline VDI 3805 as a blueprint for the BIM-TGA product data standard.
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VDMA Database Technical Rules
With the help of VDMA-DaTeR you can quickly and easily call up technical information on individual countries.
Valves Standards Committee (NAA)
The Standardization Committee for Valves (NAA) is the central platform in the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) for the standardization of industrial and building valves.
New standards and draft standards
The professional association reports continuously on new standards or draft standards which may be of importance for valve manufacturers.