Germany misses energy system transformation targets
CO2 emissions in the past were 866 million tonnes, 116 million tonnes above the target for 2020.
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Chrome VI

No impact on marketing authorisation application for chromium VI
The representatives of the EU member states in the REACH Regulatory Committee confirmed in mid-April that the approvals granted for chromium trioxide (chromium VI) will remain valid.

Foundation confirms VDMA view
Publication decided
VDMA requirements taken into account
Amendment on VDMA course
And simplification looks different
Lead, copper and nickel in focus


"European drinking water quality in Germany - or German drinking water quality in Europe"
VDMA for harmonisation


Interpretation aid for directive 94/9EG
Functional safety of safety-related electrical/programmable electronic systems

Building Information Modeling

The team from the Chair of Computer Science in Civil Engineering at the Ruhr University Bonn is researching smart applications in buildings. Intelligent glasses, i.e. smart glasses, could support the fitter in the maintenance of the building technology in the future.
VDMA Armaturen informs about BIM and electronic product data exchange. Building Information Modeling is becoming more and more important, but the related questions are no less so. This is surprising, as large parts of the valve industry have been making a core contribution to electronic product data exchange for years with the VDI 3805 guideline.
Position paper covering all associations supports the guideline VDI 3805 as a blueprint for the BIM-TGA product data standard.
The fast, readily available BIM solution for integrated planning in building services engineering (TBE)
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VDMA Database Technical Rules
With the help of VDMA-DaTeR you can quickly and easily call up technical information on individual countries.
The DIN Standards Committee Valves (NAA)
The DIN Standards Committee Valves is the central platform in the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) for the standardization of industrial and building valves.
New standards and draft standards
The Valves Association continuously reports on new standards or draft standards that may be of significance to valve manufacturers.