Poland's hotel sector on growth course

16.08.2019 Numerous holiday resorts are being built on the Polish Baltic coast. Further capacities for business travellers are also being created in major cities such as Warsaw and Gdansk. With currently almost 3,000 hotels of different categories, the Polish hotel market still offers space for further hotels.

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Growth in the Dutch chemical industry flattens out

16.08.2019 Impending CO2 tax creates uncertainty

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Mozambique: Development of huge natural gas fields making progress

16.08.2019 Foundation stone laid for LNG plant

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Investments in the energy sector in Sakhalin

16.08.2019 In the Sakhalin region in the Far East, major investment projects are planned in the energy sector, road construction and tourism. The Sakhalin region is about as large as Bavaria and Thuringia combined, but has only as many inhabitants as Duisburg. Due to its strategic position, the region is moving into Moscow's field of vision.

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Austria's strong construction sector continues

09.04.2019 In 2019, the Austrian construction industry should continue to expand significantly, but lose momentum compared to previous years.

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Modern valve technology makes nuclear power plants a reliable alternative


A radical overhaul of Europe’s chaotic energy policy is required in order to prevent the lights going out in Europe and to achieve climate targets. USD 2 trillion needs to be invested by 2035 in order to make energy greener and cleaner, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA) in a special report published at the start of June.

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Water for everyone - how to prevent water losses


IFAT 2014, the world’s leading trade fair for the management of water, wastewater, waste and raw materials, took place in Munich from 5 to 9 May. A number of companies in the mechanical and plant engineering sector presented sustainable products and technologies that can be used to conserve resources and protect the environment.

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VALVE LABEL – Help with your purchase decision


Efficiency, safety, hygiene: WELL – The water efficiency label provides information about the properties of sanitary valves, showers and toilet flushing systems.

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Water management safeguards drinking water hygiene


In public and semi-public areas, the hygienic operation of drinking water systems constitutes a particular challenge. At the same time, it is important to avoid wasting water.

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