Thinking and managing sustainably

The German Valve Manufacturers Association examines its own industry and interviews some of its industrial valve manufacturer on the theme of sustainability. Managing directors will report on what has already been implemented in their companies and the direction in which they believe sustainability should be heading ....

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Tap water: less expensive than many Germans think

Clean drinking water is our most important food. But how much does a refreshing glass of tap water actually cost?

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Valve industry in motion

Isabella Treser

Statistics, market research, trade fairs, Blue Responsibility


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Who supplies what?
product locator valves
Thermostatic radiator valves
Construction Product Regulation – Performance description and CE marking for thermostatic radiator valves?


Even if sanitary taps and fittings and building valves are regarded as construction products, CE marking is not allowed due to a lack of harmonised standards when it comes to drinking water hygiene.

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